Mar. 18, 2024 


EarFun Wave Pro Makes a Splash as First Hybrid ANC Headphones 
with 80-Hour Playback and Hi-Res Audio 



SANTA MONICA, Calif., Mar. 18, 2024 / -- For the first time, EarFun has developed an over-ear headphone to join its star-studded cast of wireless earbuds. Named the EarFun Wave Pro, the new wireless over-ear headphones will be priced at $79.99 and are slated for release in mid-March. Early impressions of the Wave Pro have been compelling. The likes of CNN_Underscored, Soundguys, Gear Patrol, and Best Products have all excitedly weighed in during their short hands-on experience. Sentiments range from gushing over its price to the numerous certifications and premium specification sheets. Best Products conveyed: “The EarFun wave Pro is a rock-solid contender for the best budget set in the game – an incredible design given their design, specs, and onboard features.” CNN_Underscored briefly remarked: “These cans include a slick carrying case, promise up to 80 hours of battery life and offer active noise cancellation, the latter of which worked surprisingly well on a noisy CES show floor.” 



The Wave Pro’s polished design and extensive feature set is the culmination of EarFun’s iterative proficiency. As the brand’s first over-ear headphones, EarFun brings the latest in wireless connectivity, active noise cancellation tech, app customization, and ergonomics to their new over-ear hybrid active noise canceling headphones. Not to mention sound. And silence. The Wave Pro features hybrid active noise cancellation rated effective up to a quiescent 45dB, perfect for drowning out voices and other mid-range frequencies in your environment. EarFun additionally implements an active Anti-Wind Noise technology to attenuate sudden acute noises and sharp wind shears, ideal during movement. During calls, the Wave Pro shines, utilizing advanced environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology driven by an AI-powered algorithm to intelligently remove surrounding noise and single out your voice during hands-free calls. 

Even with advanced ANC technology integrated, audio quality is still center stage with the new Wave Pro. EarFun’s hybrid ANC over-ear wireless headphones come with Hi-Res Audio certifications and LDAC audio codec support. Reaching a frequency response up to 96kHz, the Hi-Res certified Wave Pro can deliver music with range while accurately preserving detail. The LDAC certification allows listeners to enjoy the high-fidelity codec with compatible devices and experience the higher end of what Bluetooth audio can offer.  

In terms of hardware, the Wave Pro is equipped with a pair of refined 40mm DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) composite film dynamic coil drivers, producing incredible bass levels, and ultra-clear treble that sustains revealing clarity. Plug-in via the embedded 3.5mm auxiliary port to appreciate EarFun’s dynamic sound signature over large diaphragms with a wired connection. Or you can go wireless. Where the competition lies in terms of battery life, EarFun has doubled it, giving its premier over-ear ANC headphones a battery anxiety dissolving 80 hours of battery life for a truly wireless experience. The Multipoint connection also takes advantage of the Wave Pro’s extra-long battery life. Remain simultaneously connected between devices for streamlined multitasking, switching between devices using the all-in-one controls accessible via touch. As a further testament to EarFun’s focus on snappy interfacing and connectivity, the Wave Pro also includes a Game Mode for extremely low latency times. Gaming and streaming experiences can benefit from the less than 55ms latency to keep input and media in sync. 

None of these matters without ergonomics, and the Wave Pro continues to deliver on EarFun’s wearable sensibilities. The new hybrid ANC headphones are designed with lush earcups for a gentle but even seal. The Wave Pro offers users an intuitive user experience as EarFun has included its newest comprehensive audio companion app to help users tailor their audio experience, set up and use compatible voice assistance. 

The Wave Pro is currently offering an early bird special with a limited 30% discount. It will be available for purchase on and for $79.99 on 18th March.