Oct 2, 2023 

EarFun Celebrates 5 Years Milestone with All-New Hi-Fi IEM and USB DAC

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 2, 2023 / -- To celebrate the audio company’s 5th anniversary, EarFun is releasing its first-ever hi-fi earphones and its first advanced portable USB DAC for an unparalleled hi-fi audio experience.

Five Years of Audio Excellence

For every year of its five-year existence, EarFun has been placing price-defying audio experiences in the hands of everyday people looking for something more without being forced to pay the “brand” tax. With each Bluetooth speaker and wireless earbud, it has earned the praise of tech journalists and industry organizations through its insightful innovations, focus on sound quality and value propositions. To celebrate this milestone, EarFun is releasing its very first pair of IEMs and their first portable USB DAC for an all-new high-resolution experience, continuing its mission of audio excellence.

EarFun Premieres the EH100 Hi-Fi IEM

EarFun’s first foray into wired earbuds, the all-new EH100 IEMs, house a triple driver hybrid module (2DD + 1BA) with a 10mm bio-diaphragm dynamic coil and a 6.8mm liquid crystal diaphragm dynamic coil pairing. According to EarFun’s sound engineers, this custom arrangement will produce a smooth, luscious low end with a mid-frequency range that is full yet elegant in its delivery. A custom-made high-frequency balanced armature driver achieves a delicate high frequency that is silky, generous, and tonally clear. Together, the drivers generate a frequency response of 16Hz-40kHz. The High-Res Audio certified EH100 internals are protected by 5-axis CNC precision machined silver shells that are lastly hand polished to attain their distinguishing lustrous finish and astonishingly light 8.6g weight per earphone. Flowing from both sculpted earphones are pristine silver-plated cables with universal 0.78 dual-pin connectors, allowing them to be changed out for cables with different acoustic properties, an in-line mic, or one with Bluetooth connectivity.

What also sets the debut of EH100 apart from other IEMS is the meticulous inclusion of colored-coded Balanced and Ambient tuning nozzles that give the listener the power to influence the end sound according to the qualities of their musical preference. For a uniform presence from the three frequency ranges, the Balanced nozzle can provide an even sound that maintains distilling transparency for a wide range of genres. The Ambient nozzle can be used to improve the mid-bass kick and extend the sub-bass frequencies for an expanded depth and surge in energy.

Experiencing Portable Hi-Res Audio with the UA100 DAC

EarFun knows earphones alone are just half the equation in the audiophile experience, so they sought to develop a portable Hi-Res DAC that can do it all. The company’s first portable USB DAC, the UA100, is powered by the energy-efficient ES9038Q2M SABRE Reference chip that supports up to 32bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512 decoding, has built-in patented clock jitter suppression, high-dynamic range, and extremely low distortion for a true-to-source experience. The portable USB-C DAC is equipped with independent left and right dual headphone amplifiers that provide a maximum power output of 195mW at 32 ohm, with an impressive 121dB signal-to-noise ratio yielding an analytical level of clean sound. That power can be experienced through the dual, gold-plated 3.5mm unbalanced and 4.4 balanced headphone jacks.

On the go, the UA100 DAC is the perfect smartphone companion, offering various OS compatibility (iOS, Android) via the CT7601 USB chip. Or plug it into your laptop (macOS, Windows). In either case, an LED indicator on the crafted solid aluminum body of the UA100 displays the sample rate, confirming true DSD playback. The same indicator can also verify connection to your gaming console for a hi-res gaming experience. And at a seemingly weightless 10.6g, the UA100 is a breeze to carry.

CEO’s Perspective on Milestone

“The designs of both the EH100 and UA100 serve to convey both the in-house abilities and the trajectory of EarFun’s sonic and material philosophies while also proving that exceptional audio can be both functional and attainable. The pursuit of perfection in audio is not a new undertaking, nor will it ever end. But no matter how niche or opulent audio experiences may become, we believe plenty of room remains for improvements in audio quality, material design, and total listener experience where accessibility is highest. For this reason, we thought the five-year milestone was a fitting opportunity to release two special products that showcase our vision, complement each other to achieve the best sound, and give listeners greater control over their listening experience.”

EarFun’s 5th Anniversary Bonanza Sale

Both the EH100 IEMs and UA100 USB DAC will go on sale on October 2nd. There will be a special Early Bird promotion offering a generous 30% off: 

EH100 – $69.99  $99.99
UA100 – $55.99  $79.99

A Hi-Fi Bundle (EH100+UA100) will be 35% off costs $116.99. Total saving $62.99.

Grab Your Limited 5 Year Edition Hi-Fi IEMs and USB DAC now.