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Enjoy Premium High-Resolution Audio with LDAC codec supported

EarFun Air 2 is certified by Hi-Res Audio Wireless and supports Sony's LDAC audio codec at transmission speeds of up to 990kbps, as well as audio resolutions of 96kHz/24bit and above. Experience every piece of music like it was made just for you.



Travel Usage

Indoor Usage

Outdoor Usage

  • driver
    Designed for Immersive Sound

    Customized 10 mm Wool Composite drivers deliver an extended high-frequency range and improved sound detail – perfect for use with LDAC audio technologies. (LDAC Codec only available on Android Device)

  • call
    Clearer, smoother calls

    Clear calls are all about the built-in mics. And Air 2 has a 4-Mic array for accurately picking up vocals, enhancing noise canceling to filter out background noise, so you don’t miss a single word from your friends and loved ones.

  • IPX7
    IPX7 & Innovative SweatShield™ Technology

    EarFun developed this unique technology that hermetically seals the internal circuitry, so EarFun Air 2 will keep every single bead of sweat on the outside, where it belongs.

More Time for Music

9 Hrs

Up to 9 hours of listening time on one charge.

40 Hrs

More than 40 hours of music time with multiple additional charges in the case.

Fast Charging

10 min charging = 2 hours play time

battery battery

Maintain An Uninterrupted Connection

Smooth Design

Connect Simultaneously to Multiple Devices

You can connect to both your smartphone and computer/tablet at the same time, so you’ll never need to worry about switching devices again.

Audio-sync for videos and games

Enjoy a more immersive experience with minimal sound delay while playing games or watching videos on your smartphone or tablet with Game Mode.

Use the App to Complete Your Air 2 Experience

The EarFun audio app lets you quickly check battery status, customize the equalizer, touch control, activate noise cancelation and more.



By claire bates Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 February 2024
Color: Black | Vine Customer Review of Free Product

Very comfortable and really good sound quality. Show Full Review

Full and rich with clear treble
By David B Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 February 2024
Color: Black | Vine Customer Review of Free Product

I’m delighted with these. Despite my age related hearing loss I could appreciate the full range of sound available, full and rich at the bass end and crystal clear treble at the top. Delighted by the overall quality, easy of pairing and ability to adjust settings. Highly recommended Show Full Review

Excellent value
By Chris Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 February 2024
Color: Black | Vine Customer Review of Free Product

At the time of this review these, with discount code, were £40. For this I think you get some great buds which are comfortable, easy to connect and sound great. They are pretty bass heavy and the overall sound is excellent for this price point. They can be adjusted via equaliser and the overall look and feel is good. Overall very happy with these and to be honest Earfun in general. Show Full Review

Excellent ear buds!
By Mr. D. Lambert Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 February 2024
Color: Black | Vine Customer Review of Free Product

These are nicely presented, and the manual is properly produced - although in the usual very small format - and the instructions clear.

I paired the buds to my computer, they paired very quickly and easily, so that I could do some proper sound comparisons between high quality studio style headphones and the ear buds. I played music tracks that I am extremely familiar with having produced them myself, so I would hear if anything was adversely affected by the bud characteristics.

The bass frequency reproduction is quite astonishing, and if I'd been listening to music over loudspeakers instead of ear buds, I'd say that the bass would have been felt in my stomach. It's a very clean bass though, no distortion at-all, and I'd say great for modern genres of music (but good for all music as the sound is of good quality). A slight word of caution... make sure you start at a low volume setting because these buds can go loud! After pairing with the PC they defaulted to 50%, and that was getting near to my top comfortable listening volume. My relaxed listening level is about 30-40%

The mid frequency range of the buds was very accurate and clean and represented the original track extremely well. Absolutely no distortion or quirks discernible. The highest frequencies did tail off by only a very small amount, and when I paid attention to vocal sibilance, the sizzle of ss's that one hears in some words, I noticed that it was fractionally reduced, by a very small amount.

The bottom line regarding the frequency response is that there is a slight bass boost and a very slight lessening of the highest frequencies, but not destructively, they are still there, just slightly lower in the mix. The overall frequency response of the buds enables them to produce an excellent and well-defined sound that is very pleasant to listen to.

The buds fitted my ears well and I found them comfortable. They certainly fitted well enough to isolate me almost completely from external sounds!

I lined up some tracks on my PC and wandered around the house and immediate garden. I didn't hear any hint of a disconnect at-all, so I can use these to listen to the radio and music throughout the house, taking just the ear buds with me when on the treadmill etc.

As I'd paired them with the PC, I was also able to use a sound recorder app to record what the ear bud microphones picked up when I spoke. The audio quality is actually very good. Perhaps not studio microphone quality, I wouldn't expect that, but excellent overall sound, very suited for Skype/Zoom/Game and mobile phone use. One's voice sounds fairly natural.

I'm very pleased with everything about these ear buds. They sound excellent, are comfortable and well fitting, they have good external noise isolation, and Bluetooth pairing was quickly done and reliable... What's not to like?! A well-deserved 5 stars.
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Bass overload totally ruins them
By Polycosm Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 February 2024
Color: Black | Vine Customer Review of Free Product

These are my 4th pair of Earfun buds, and unfortunately my least favourite.

I'm a huge Earfun fan and with a bit of EQ their products can sound amazing. I genuinely sing thier praise to anyone who asks for Bluetooth earbuds recommendations. They have some of the best products for the price and beat the competition easily.

I own the EarFun Free Pro 2 and 3, and the EarFun Free 2S, and they all sound great. The Free Pro 3 are my daily buds and they beat every other bluetooth pair I own, and I have a lot!

OK, these are cheaper that the Free Pros, but about the same price as the free 2s, and I 100% prefer those over these.

Let's get the problem out of the way..

BASS. How much bass do you really need, enough to make you tap you feet and put a huge smile on your face, or enough to make you fear for the safety of your eardrums? These are the latter, and even though it's impressive, it's far far too much... They go low for sure, but on some tracks the sub bass just bloats and distorts. It's such a shame.

I dropped the first 2 bands in the 10 band EQ to zero and it's was still too much. I have a test playlist that I use to test earbuds IEMs and headphones, and one of those tracks is Habanero by Matt Hawk, it's my bass test track, and on decent pairs you get a deep but controlled thump in the bass, but with these it's just a mess, the bass extension is just far too overloaded.

When EQd it's better, but you don't seem to be able to completely remove the sub bass, and so it still distorts on some tracks.

If BASS is your thing, and not the controlled type, then you will like these, but if you like a balanced sound with a bit of bass extension then I would suggest the Earfun Free Pro 3.

EarFun really should put every bud they produce in the hands of OLUV, and let him tune them like he did with the Free pro 2, and to a lesser degree the Free pro 3. (they even have an EQ setting by him in the latter)

Maybe there is someone at the top in EarFun who just doesn't get it, and when the engineers offer thier new product with a beautifully balanced tuning, they just shout "MORE BASS" at them.. Its what the kids want right.? I feel for those engineers.

Ok the good stuff.

Mids are nice and controlled when EQ is applied, but initially they are a bit recessed. Guitars and synths come alive and voices are clear and vibrant.

Highs are tunable and sound good when EQd to your taste, they lack a tiny bit of sparkle, but they are pleasing enough when tuned.

Fit. Very good, they just slip in and stay put. These would be good for sport, especially with the IP rating

Case, small and slim, but not as good as the free pro 2 and 3, but you do get wireless charging.

Overall a disappointing experience compared to everything else I've tried from EarFun.

I've given them 4 stars, as everything is great except the stupid bass.

I genuinely look forward to reviewing EarFun stuff, and hopefully the next set are true to the others I've heard.
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