May 9, 2019

EarFun Announces Launch of EarFun Free Earbuds

- the Ultimate True Wireless Earbuds

SANTA MONICA, California -- EarFun, an innovative developer of high fidelity personal audio devices, announces the launch of EarFun Free - the ultimate true wireless earbuds. With an ultra-comfortable design, IPX7 sweatproof, and premium sound, EarFun Free Earbuds are the perfect complement to wireless mobile audio.

When it comes to wireless earbuds for mobile device users, two things are essential: comfort and sound. EarFun Free takes these two philosophies seriously. To satisfy the needs of audiophiles and music lovers, they achieve supreme sound quality built around the latest 6mm advanced graphene driver for high-fidelity, crystal clear stereo sound. They are optimized for mobile devices and have a satisfying bass sound with clear separation of mids and highs. Powered by the latest super-stable Bluetooth 5.0 protocol and simple one-step setup, their intuitive design makes the music experience better.

In terms of comfort, EarFun Free are second to none. The research and development team spent 240 days in the lab, 3D printing different prototypes and modeling tests analyzed against thousands of human ear shapes. The result is the optimal tilt, angle, and contact points necessary to make EarFun Free the best fitting earbuds available today.

"We wanted to create the best fitting wireless earbuds that would provide ultimate comfort whether users were relaxing with music or getting physical with sports or exercise. We dedicated ourselves to achieving the perfect fit, wireless convenience, and great sound. EarFun Free Earbuds are designed for modern active lifestyles and are able to perform flawlessly no matter what your activity." - CEO of EarFun.

EarFun Free have special features for exercise, outdoor activities and sports, with an IPX-7 waterproof rating that use the company's proprietary Sweat-Shield technology to create a fully sealed enclosure, protecting the audio internals from any moisture. The earbuds are truly waterproof and unlike many other IPX7 earbuds, the EarFun Free waterproof coating is immune to corrosive sweat as well as water. EarFun Free Earbuds hold FCC, CE, RoHS and CA65 certificates for safe use.

Key features of EarFun Free True Wireless Earbuds:

  • IPX7 100% Waterproof via SweatShied Technology

  • 6mm Graphene Driver for Superior Sound

  • 30-Hour Uninteruppted Play Time

  • Snug Fit Ergonomic Design

  • Noise Cancelling Hands-Free Calls

  • Intelligent Voice Assistant

  • Advanced Wireless Charging

In addition to extreme water resistance and durability, EarFun Free makes charging easy using a powerful charging case that supports both advanced Qi wireless charging and Type-C charging. The super-efficient batteries keep the earbuds charged and ready. On a full charge, they provide 30 hours of use and for those with busy lives, a 10-minute quick-charge can deliver 1 hour of solid playtime, perfect for those days when you have to get moving quickly.

EarFun Free features simple and intuitive touch control, hassle-free wireless charging, premium sound, and a comfortable design for all-day use. These incredibly advanced wireless earbuds instantly elevate the listening experience. They are available now with special discounts and deals for early adopters and music lovers.

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About EarFun

EarFun was established in 2018 by an experienced group of industrial designers, acoustic engineers, and music enthusiasts who shared the goal of creating next-generation wireless audio devices. The EarFun team is driven by a passion for music and a commitment to delivering solutions that use the latest technology to improve sound for audio products.