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Advanced Qualcomm Audio Soc

Features the latest Qualcomm QCC3072 audio Soc with lossless Qualcomm aptX adaptive decoding and Bluetooth 5.3, EarFun free Pro 3 provides permeating audio with an expansive soundstage.

Dynamic & Downright Impressive

The 7mm Wool Composite Dynamic driver is made of a strong, lightweight material that delivers better overall audio clarity and reduced vibration so you can hear every sound come alive to feel like you're front-row and center-stage.

Designed for Comfortable, Immersive Listening

New Free Pro 3 is adept at tuning out your surroundings — from the clamor of a café to the roar of the road — thanks to 6 mics (3 for each bud), which take fit, wearing status, and ambient noise into account, with maximum ANC depth as high as 43 dB.

Be Heard Loud and Clear

The earbuds come with 6 ENC microphones and Qualcomm® cVc™ (Clear Voice Capture) 8.0 algorithm to enhance your voice and reduce background chatter, so every call is as clear as possible.

Seamless Dual-Device Connections

It's easy to switch back and forth between devices such as tablets and phones and to pair your Free Pro 3 earbuds by using the EarFun Audio app. So whenever you're binge-watching the latest TV series on your tablet and a phone call comes in on your phone, your earbuds will automatically switch to your phone to take the call and back to your tablet as soon as you hang up.

Smooth, Stable Connectivity

With 55ms ultra-low latency, Free Pro 3 ensures your Bluetooth® streaming experience stays Fast and Smooth so you don’t miss a note of your playlist.

Your Sound. Your Way.

Use the customizable equalizer in the EarFun Audio App to curate your sound, so your tunes are always exactly how you like them.


In case you're wondering...


How long does the EarFun Free Pro 3 Early Bird Special last?

- This campaign will begin on 16th October and end on 29th October, lasting around two weeks.


When will I receive my discount code?

- Your exclusive code will send to your email address while EarFun Free Pro 3 is officially released on 30th October.


How long does it take to deliver my order?

- Your order will ship from the local Amazon warehouse after placing your order. Usually, it will take 2-8 days to deliver.


Which countries and platforms are eligible for the discount?

- The discount is valid for residents from all the countries covered by Amazon US/UK/EU Sites and EarFun Official Store.


How can I reach my extra Early Bird Bonus?

- After placing your early bird order from EarFun's Official Amazon Shop or Website. Submit your Order receipt for the extra Official EarFun Case (Valued at $10). Grab Your Extra Bonus Here!.