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    About EarFun

    EarFun was established in 2018 by an experienced group of industrial designers, acoustic engineers and music enthusiasts who shared the goal of creating next-generation wireless audio devices. The EarFun team is driven by a passion for music and a commitment to delivering solutions that use the latest technology to improve sound for audio products.

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    Mission & Vision

    To bring our vision for creating superior wireless audio products to reality, our team has dedicated countless time to every aspect of the product from design to delivery to ensure a great end to end experience for every customer. EarFun believes that technology can enhance modern lifestyles and seamlessly fit within the fabric of our lives, herein embedded in our slogan “Better Sound, Better Life”.


  • earfun 2018.10.11

    EarFun bron

  • ID 2019.06.24

    EarFun Free successfully raised $260,000

  • CNET 2019.10.17

    CNET recommended EarFun Free as the best true wireless earbuds of 2019

  • CES-TW100 2019.11.07

    EarFun Free was awarded as CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree

  • TR 2019.11.21

    Techradar recommended EarFun Free as the top earbuds of great value

  • PC 2019.12.03

    EarFun Free was regarded as PCMag excellent editor’s choice

  • CES 2020.01.05

    EarFun Air was awarded as CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree

  • IF 2020.02.05

    EarFun Air was awarded as the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020

  • DT 2020.04.24

    Digital Trends recommended EarFun Free as the best cheap true wireless earbuds for 2020

  • Forbes 2020.07.09

    Forbes regarded EarFun Air as superb value true wireless earbuds

  • WHF 2020.08.27

    What Hi-Fi? recommended EarFun Air as the best wireless earbuds 2020.




15-year audiophile and industry expert with natural talent. Rocky's interest in Hi-Fi Audio started from his high school year and continued until today.



15-year experience in the audio industry. Passion for music is one of the most important motivations for his life.



16-year experience in acoustic designing. Prior to EarFun, Sky worked as an acoustic engineer for big names such as Philips Harman Audio, etc.



Award-wining industrial designer. During her 8 years career, Ivy has won 3 Red Dot awards and 5 iF design awards.