Jan 05, 2020

EarFun Wins Second CES Honor with Upcoming EarFun Air Earbuds, Promises New Tech for 2020

With its upcoming Air earbuds, the company's latest innovations make it the only new audio brand with two honors entering CES. The recognized earbuds will be released alongside EarFun's first noise-canceling headphones in 2020.

The innovative audio company continues award spree with the upcoming release of next-gen earbuds titled EarFun Air.

Santa Monica, CA -- For 2020, EarFun will be releasing its second pair of headphones titled the Air, a next-generation True Wireless (TWS) earbuds experience serving as an enhanced version of their critically-acclaimed earbuds, the EarFun Free. CNET selected the EarFun Free as one of the Best True Wireless Earbuds of 2019, and it was also recommended by both CNET and PCMag as a budget-conscious alternative to other brands. However, the most notable of recognitions, of course, has been the prestigious recognition by CES and now the subsequent honor, secured by the new Air. The new earbuds have been recognized by CES 2020 for featuring proprietary water-proofing technology called SweatShield™, a substantial improvement over the basic design requirements needed to achieve IPX7 certification, all designed by EarFun's R&D. EarFun will be bringing the Air to CES 2020, where attendees can get a sneak peek at the new earbuds and another new slated tech for the upcoming year.

Catch EarFun at CES 2020 between January 7-10, located at booth No. 35124, LVCC - South Hall 4

EarFun has achieved energizing success and acclaim in a short window.

Just over a year ago, EarFun emerged from the plethora of small audio brands vying for a place in a ferociously competitive landscape. But what has separated the new audio brand from the dizzying amount of newcomers is how quickly EarFun has solidified themselves to be a fresh curator of value-conscious audio. While the audio industry may be a crowded place, it's clear that EarFun has found opportunities to improve upon sound quality, product usability, and innovate new features in the budget-friendly segment. So far, EarFun has produced two wireless headphones and a pair of wireless speakers, and have used the latest generational technologies across the board while making significant improvements entirely on their own. Although the product line may be in its infancy, the current slate of polished, well-designed offerings has allowed the brand to capture numerous industry awards and press recognition.

EarFun CEO recognizes brand culture and design direction as responsible for their ongoing success

Directing head of EarFun, CEO and Founder White Wong, was thrilled and humbled to learn EarFun was named among industry titans and innovating peers. And the product that earned EarFun a ticket to CES 2020 was their first TWS earbuds: EarFun Free. Creating the EarFun Free, White believes EarFun's desire to be different while offering more played a critical role in their ability to engineer something that garnered such recognition, which has brought them to the annual tech event for the second year in a row now. In his own words: "We wanted to create something very comfortable for casual listening and secure enough for physical sports or exercise. Our research and development team have been dedicated to achieving a combination consisting of a perfect fit that is wireless and convenient, and produces great sound all at an affordable price." According to the company, their EarFun Free and the upcoming Air Earbuds are designed for modern, active lifestyles and are designed to perform reliably no matter the degree of physicality.

EarFun's new headphones exhibiting at CES 2020

EarFun will be adding a new pair of TWS earbuds to their headphone line with the addition of the EarFun Air TWS Earbuds and will make their Noise-Cancelling debut with the over-ear EarFun Wave NC Headphones. The EarFun Air will be the second application of their award-winning proprietary Sweatshield™ technology that fortifies its iteration of IPX7 certification. The new TWS earbuds will feature in-ear capacitive detection technology, an enhanced set of 4 microphones for crystal clear noise-canceling calling, intuitive touch control, active voice assists, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging, USB-C, and up to 30-hours of playtime.

The premium Hi-fi EarFun Wave NC will provide active noise cancellation and feature Qualcomm® aptX™ support. The over-ear headphones will be appointed with pillow-soft, ergonomic-fitting earpads that give the pair an ultra-lightweight of 220 grams. Charging the battery only takes 45 minutes to achieve 20 hours of playback. The Wave will also use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol and feature a set of built-in microphones, and active voice assist.

For more information on EarFun's latest products, please visit www.myearfun.com.

About EarFun

EarFun was established in 2018 by a collective of experienced industrial designers, acoustic engineers, and music enthusiasts who share the common goal of creating next-generation wireless audio devices. The EarFun team is driven by a passion for music and a commitment to delivering solutions that use the latest technologies to improve the audio experience. EarFun believes that technology can enhance modern lifestyles and seamlessly fit within the fabric of our lives.