What is EarFun's
QuietSmart™ Tech?


EarFun’s QuietSmart™ Digital Tech is an upgraded Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation [ANC] System to maximize noise-canceling performance and the best audio experience with a noise reduction depth of up to 38dB, features two microphones (Feedforward-Mic & Feedback-Mic) on each earbud,captures ambient noise and in-ear noise, passes the data of both sides to the internal Noise-Canceling System that nullifies it with equal anti-noise before it reaches your ears.

[FF Mic]

The Feedforward mic [FF Mic] detects ambient noise and passes through it to the internal ANC system to produce an opposite signal to cancel out the ambient noise.

[FB Mic]

The Feedback mic [FB Mic] is set inside of the earbud to detect the in-ear sound and unwanted noise. This helps the ANC system to produce corrections in the signal to eliminate the in-ear noise with a broader range of sound frequencies.

Missing bass freq - General ANC Mode

Compensate bass freq - QuickSmart™ ANC Mode

QuietSmart™ ANC Algorithm

Combining with EarFun's QuietSmart™ ANC algorithm, it senses and adjusts to music and noise signals, as well as acoustic characteristics between the driver unit and ears, at over 400 times per second. The QuietSmart™ tech also will fill in the missing sound frequencies which cause by the ANC process. It will tune music to the shape of your ear for truly immersive sound and consistent ANC listening experience.