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Advanced Qualcomm® Audio SoC

Outstanding Performance

EarFun Free 2 features the latest Bluetooth 5.2 along with the supported aptX and AAC audio codecs, so you can expect rich, enhanced sound quality over smoother and uninterrupted audio streaming for the ultimate listening experience.

  • Stunning Call Experience

    The EarFun Free 2 features 2 built-in professional calling microphone with Qualcomm cVc 8.0 technology that allows for better voice pickup during phone calls or while using voice commands via Siri or Google Assistant.

    cVc Call tech
  • IPX7 Water Resistant with Sweatshield™ Tech

    Never let bad weather or a challenging workout hold you back. EarFun Free 2 feature IPX7 rated water-resistant, along with innovative SweatShield tech for sweatproof.

A New Generation
of Gaming

With Bluetooth 5.2 and Dual-channel Transmission, latency has been reduced to 60ms in Gaming Mode -- a 35% improvement over the general earbuds in market. Discover perfect synchronicity between sound and picture.

low latency
Studio Quality Sound
without Studio

Whether you’re in the mood for calming tunes or crave some thrilling beats, the bespoke drivers of the new EarFun Free 2 True Wireless deliver high-fidelity sound with deep bass, natural mids and a clear, detailed treble.

Seamless Wireless Experience

Right ear, left ear, both ears? The TrueWireless Mirroring tech gives you a choice to seamlessly enjoy music or calls with either one or both earbuds.

truewireless mirroring

Comfort You Can Feel


  • comfort
    All-day Comfort

    With its ergonomic design, you can experience unbeatable sound in all-day comfort.

  • compact
    Freedom to Move

    The compact case will bring great music along wherever your adventures take you.


7 hrs

Continuous listening with a single charge

30 hrs

of listening with multiple charge in case

Fast Charging

10 min (wired) charging = 2 hours playtime

battery battery


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*** · 15 Jul 2021
- Great premium grade low-cost earbuds, with a few drawbacks

Other reviewers have already provided a lot of good info, so I will give my own take, mainly comparing to my older wirel... Show Full Review

Best in Sound Quality
Technologically Advanced

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ha***m · 05 Jul 2021
Amazing and word the wait

I waited for about 2 weeks from the time of purchase, since I am in South Africa. However, they were worth the wait and now all my colleagues want to get a pair. If there was only a way to fix the shipping time for consumers in this region. this would be an absolute steal.

Best in Sound Quality
Technologically Advanced
me***m · 09 Jul 2021
I am very satisfied with the product.

The product arrived in a few days. I am very happy with it. She has a beautiful voice, sits well in her ears.

Best in Sound Quality
Technologically Advanced
*** · 14 Jul 2021

J’adore mes nouveaux écouteurs sans fils

Best in Sound Quality
Technologically Advanced
*** · 15 Jul 2021
My 1st Earfun Product--Great Value!

Tried out the latest release from the Earfun product line and I must say that I'm impressed by the Free 2! I'm no audiophile but I happen to like tech and gadgets. I've used other under-80 bluetooth headphones/earbuds and the Free 2 earn top marks.
I like how you have all the control options (Play/Pause, Volume, Previous/Next Track, and Low Latency mode) available. It takes a bit of practice to master the double/triple tap timings but I can live with it. I've experienced some issues with connectivity early on but was resolved by re-pairing the buds to my mobile phone. Call quality is also good in low noise environments.

Best in Sound Quality
Technologically Advanced
*** · 15 Jul 2021
Great premium grade low-cost earbuds, with a few drawbacks

Other reviewers have already provided a lot of good info, so I will give my own take, mainly comparing to my older wireless earphones (the kind with a neckband). I have very narrow/curved ear canals, so I had actually emailed a CSR ahead of time to ask about the diameter of the bore where the sound is transmitted through. The CSR said 3mm, but when I received the product, the bore actually measures at 5mm! >_< Luckily, with the smallest silicone sleeve, it does fit well enough with a very good seal. It looks a bit silly as it hangs outward at an angle unless I really twist it in deep.

- In hot weather, it's great to be free of a neckband which can cause sweating and irritation
- Fantastic passive sound isolation, which helps a lot on transit and other noisy environments. I have not noticed any wind noise so far.
- Syncing is fast and hassle free if you only sync to one device
- Charge lasts quite a long while with the extra juice in the case. I usually listen for 2-6 hours a day. The case LED turned red about 3 weeks after I started using these.
- Seal is very secure. Bass comes through strong and clear. Earbuds don't slide out at all during regular wear and movement, only slight sliding out when eating.
- Call quality is great so far. No issues hearing, or with other people hearing me.
- Even without using Low Latency Mode, I have not noticed any desync issues with video playback on phone or laptop. Have not tried gaming.

- Too good sound isolation for certain occasions. Need full attention when crossing the street! Even with playback stopped, I can't hear what other people are saying to me, so I have to remove at least one earbud. I usually need to remove both to hear clearly if the person is soft spoken. I really wish there was a Talk mode where it would actively transmit mic input directly to the speakers.
- It doesn't auto-sync to more than one device at a time, only what it was previously synced to. For example, I need to manually disconnect or turn off Bluetooth on my phone in order to sync to my laptop. Or use the button on the case to disconnect and initiate pairing.
- With this design, it is inserted fairly deep into the ear canal for a secure fit. This gives a kind of "earplug" effect, meaning noises from my own breathing, and things like thumps from my footsteps are all amplified. Tapping on earbuds sometimes feels a bit like tapping directly on my eardrums.
- For me, if I do a deep insertion (where the earbud sits perfectly into the ear concha like in the product photos), it causes pressure and discomfort in my ear canal after about half hour. Probably not an issue for people with regular sized ear canal.
- Double tapping is not reliable. Even after weeks of use and trying different tap speed/rhythm, about half the time it thinks I'm single or triple tapping instead. Can be irritating at times. People who use a digital assistant can probably bypass this issue by using a voice command instead.
- Because of the smooth plastic, it's quite tricky for me to pick up the earbuds out of the case. I've actually dropped it on the street because of this, though it survived with no damage. I now do a twist-while-pulling motion. Wish they incorporated a band or nubs of rubber to help with the grip. Or a notch in the plastic would help.
- Because of the touch sensitivity, if I put an earbud into a pocket with thin fabric, it will sense contact and trigger a function when I move around. Must use case.

Overall many strong points, and unbeatable at this price range. Personally I would prefer a shallower insertion with active noise cancellation, but I'm happy to keep using these. I bought these during the launch promo, and have no regrets purchasing this. If you can live with the cons, you will probably love them too!

Best in Sound Quality
Technologically Advanced